Electric Grid

Hackers gain access to the power grid

As technology continues to rapidly develop in the industry of critical infrastructure, whole new worlds of possibilities are opened up for hackers to gain control and wreak havoc over whatever they want, putting major infrastructure like the power grid, in grave danger.

Cyber-security in self-driving cars

By 2020, there will be 10 million self-driving cars, shows a report by Business Insider Intelligence. Experts say that self-driving cars will be particularly susceptible to hackers. Their vulnerability will depend on the kind of the self-driving car and how connected it will be to the outside world.

Deloitte: Canada fourth-largest cyber-security hub

A Deloitte LLP’s report, entitled Harnessing the Cyber-security Opportunity for Growth, places Canada 4th in a ranking which takes into account the number of cyber-security venture capital deals between 2012 and 2016. Ontario is a major centre for the financial services and technology sectors. This puts the city in a perfect position to become a global hub for cyber-security.

Bitcoin Gold

Blockchain means revolution in cyber-security

Blockchain, a technology for secure transactions with Bitcoin and Ethereum, will inevitably impact nearly every industry because it is inherently related to cyber-security. It offers a different approach to storing and sharing information, making transactions, and performing functions, which provides a way out of the security issues.