Infrastructure and Security

Activities and objectives that increase security and motivate employees to make secure decisions that follow correct objectives for themselves and their organization. Threats awareness and mitigation is a very useful tool in such security education.

Focus on objectives

Focus on objectives that elevate security awareness and competence. Motivate employees to make security-minded decisions that are in line with business objectives designed to keep systems secure. Learn about threats and how to defeat them, decrease severity or limit their impact.

Direct behavioral conditioning

Direct behavioral conditioning (for example, anti-phishing projects; see Note 1) is another form of security education, as are security communication/marketing campaigns involving posters, competitions, and advertising-style messaging

Security-based decisions more natural

Training on how to make security-based decisions more natural. How to integrate security awareness as part of a daily routine.

Focuses on general users of IT, not security or IT professionals

Gartner defines the security awareness CBT as the delivery of a standardized set of interactive security education and/or security behavior management content to a trainee/user via an endpoint computing device (such as a laptop, desktop or tablet). Training content focuses on general users of IT, not security or IT professionals. Although customization of this content may be provided as a service, the essential element is a catalog of core training content.


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    With our business consulting and training service, helps you in business process modeling and architecture, leadership, security governance, customer service and sales development,  risk management and compliance, organizational alignment with digital economy, and sensitivity skills. Our vision is to help Canadian organization manage their overall performance and our Canadian values for their various stakeholders.

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    With our architecture and IT consulting service, addresses common components and common interactions among them in the areas of Data, Application, Network and Security Architecture. follow aspects of architecture that must be prepared by an organization wishing to leverage architectural use. These aspects are frameworks, systematic accumulation of architectural experience, and architectural methodology. Our members planning the delivery of solutions; answering technical and procedural questions teaching improved processes; mentoring organizational team members.

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    With our development and IT support service, As threat landscape is changing every day, provides comprehensive help in threat modeling, development and training in the area of Secure Application, Mobile and Infrastructure Development.  Our team members determine overall business strategies and requirements; implementing information security standards; conducting system security and vulnerability analyses and risk assessments; studying and identifying integration issues and preparing cost estimates.

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